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Evil spirit in HTC Desire 500

With a heavy heart, i must inform you that there is an evil spirit inside my HTC DESIRE 500. The true soul of my phone is so afraid of this new spirit that it wont vibrate when i recieve calls or i have notifications.

I tried to console the "original soul" by checking the settings in sound. They r all right.. from the outside, everything looks fine, but i know that the "original soul" is in deep trauma.. please, kind people, please help me. :'(**boo boo**
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    oh my god... u considered ur mobile as a living thing... LOL..ROFL..

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    not only ur mobile.. so many mobiles have that problem.. visit customer care or buy a new mobile. it's probably hardware issue.
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    Rahul8040Rahul8040 Posts: 68
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    Can i know the following things,

    For how many days are you facing this evil spirit? :P and Just to be sure Do a little test of switching of you phone and then turn it back on and See does it **Vibrate?**

    As Most Htc devices do. so it will confirm that it does vibrate and its not a hardware issue
    and you can download and try

    [Vibration Check APP](

    so see if its vibrating or not! and then do revert back to me!
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